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No, you can complete the course using a mobile or a tablet

You will receive an email with the live sessions schedule

Yes, You can get a hard copy of the certificate, please visit our Store to order one.

As you progress through the course, you would find assignments to complete. You can submit the assignments by clicking on the “submission” button. Click here for a video tutorial:

The program is 100% self-paced, with weekly live sessions, and an online student networking group.

It is a 3-month semester program, however, you can complete the program at your own speed within that time frame.

Once graduated, you will have lifetime access to the program.

The scholarship includes The “Blueprint 101” How to succeed in the legal cannabis industry. The “Blueprint 101” is for anyone looking to transition their skills into the legal cannabis industry. The course provides a step-by-step explanation of current opportunities in the industry, whether you want to build a side hustle or launch an empire.

The instructors record the live sessions. You can find the recording of the sessions you missed in their google classroom.

Yes you can, you start paying for the course from day 1 and have access to the complete course.

Inspired by the fight for social Justice in the Cannabis industry, Greenleaf University launched “The Blueprint Scholarship“ to Educate 1 Million people on how to succeed in the legal Cannabis industry.

Assignments are graded on a weekly basis.

You can access your coursework

You can contact our Student support team at help@greenleafstaff.com